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TERRADIX® Broadfork 4×250 Doubleshaft


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As an all-rounder, this model fits perfectly between our large Broadfork 5×300 and our small 4×250 Singleshaft. The Broadfork 4×250 Doubleshaft with its four tines, each 25 cm long, is somewhat lighter and easier to handle than its big sister. The working width of 40 cm enables a high area coverage combined with low weight and easy handling. The tines and the all-round metal handle are made of high-strength tool steel and are therefore extremely durable. The tine geometry differs from conventional digging forks due to the high, flat design, which results in unprecedented stability in the direction of the load. The smooth powder-coated handle at a comfortable working height ensures optimum ergonomics and blister-free working. The tube ends are firmly welded to the lower section and shaped into a high oval to achieve maximum stability. A high-quality device for eternity.

– Very sturdy and durable digging fork

– Completely powder-coated in two colors

– Made from high-strength tool steel

– For simple deep loosening, aeration and preparation of beds

– Fast and effortless work thanks to perfect ergonomics

– Positive for soil fertility and soil fauna

– Working width: 40 cm

– Weight: 4.7 kg

– Tine length: 25cm

– Handle length (tread to top of handle): 90cm

– Total length : 116cm

– Ideal for the hobby garden and for professional use

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